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Boehner’s Claim That Obamacare Has Resulted In A ‘net Loss’ Of People With Health Insurance

check out this site So lets look at the numbers again. The Facts Boehners staff did not want to engage The Fact Checker in a discussion about the speakers math, but it is fairly clear that he views it as a simple matter of subtraction. Boehner said about 6 million people received notices that their insurance was canceled. (That number may be a little high usually it is estimated at nearly 5 million .) Then he notes that reports that 4.2 million have selected a plan. (As Boehner pointed out, it is still unclear how many actually paid for their first premium, but limited state data indicate its at least 80 percent .) So 4 million minus 6 million equals a net loss of 2 million. We readily concede that there are problems with the data on health-care sign-ups, many of which were first detailed here at The Fact Checker. But Boehners math is absurdly simplistic if he is trying to claim that the number of people with health insurance is now lower because of Obamacare. Thats because the 6 million figure for lost insurance and the 4 million for sign-ups are apples and oranges. They cannot be compared.

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Take Your Life To The Following Level With These Useful Idea

It is important to work on your self improvement. This includes developing better money habits and a healthier lifestyle. You should always strive to be a better person, all throughout your life. There is always something that can be improved in the different areas of your life. You can lead a healthy and happy life by establishing and continuing good spending habits.

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Disturbing Differences: Health Disparities Tackled By States

Castlight Health Shares More Than Double in Debut

PHOTO: Being aware of male-female social norms can help doctors and nurses avoid offending patients during examinations. And in end-of-life medical situations, it’s important for health care providers to be familiar with the rituals and beliefs of the patient’s particular faith. The concept is now so widely accepted that many states have adopted requirements that medical practitioners take cultural competency courses as part of their medical education or as a requirement for relicensing. Many states also have adopted programs to entice medical providers of certain ethnic and racial groups to work in communities with similar characteristics. Surely there is more to it than language and cultural training for doctors and nurses? Much more, and that’s why the fight against health disparities is stretching into areas once deemed far outside the health realm.
Disturbing differences: Health disparities tackled by states

Healthy Corner Stores The online health care software company raised $177.6 million in an initial public offering priced at $16 per share. Its shares jumped $23.80 to close at $39.80 Friday. They rose as high as $41.95 earlier in the day. The San Francisco-based company sells cloud-based software to large companies that provide the service to their workers. Employees use Castlight to search and compare doctors, hospitals and procedures based on cost and the quality of care. It’s a way for companies and employees to lower their health care costs.

Health and marital conflict in older couples: Positivity and personality

How to print edible images and decorate cookies and cakes for the holidays with edible photos or artwork. Wives report more conflict if their husband is in poor health, explains the studys lead author, James Iveniuk, PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology, according to the March 13, 2014 news release, Husband’s health and attitude loom large for happy long-term marriages . If the wife is in poor health, there doesnt seem to be any difference in terms of the quality of the marriage for the husband. The study, Marital Conflict in Older Couples: Positivity, Personality, and Health , published online January 13, 2014 by the Journal of Marriage and Family reports results from a national survey with data analyzed from 953 heterosexual couples who were married or cohabitating. The study participants ranged in age from 63 to 90 years old and the average length of their relationships was 39 years. You also can check out the article in the print edition, Volume 76, Issue 1, pages 130144, published in the February 2014 issue. The survey of older adults participating in the National Social Life Health and Aging Project, funded by the National Institute on Aging, compared the characteristics healthforce of the husbands to the characteristics of their wives and vice versa based on interviews with each person in which they were asked to describe themselves. Personality traits and positivity : A person’s desire to be seen in a positive light Iveniuk and co-authors found many gender differences when they examined personality traits including openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and anxiety. They added a new measure called positivity, an overarching characteristic described as a persons overall desire to be seen in a positive light. Wives whose husbands show higher levels of positivity reported less conflict. However, the wives positivity had no association with their husbands reports of conflict, Iveniuk says, according to the news release. Co-author Linda J. Waite, Lucy Flower Professor of Urban Sociology and director of the Center on Aging at NORC, says the studys measurement of marital conflict could be summarized as, How much does your spouse bother you? The clashes are not primarily about fighting or violence, but rather whether one spouse criticizes the other, makes too many demands, or generally gets on the other persons nerves.
Health and marital conflict in older couples: Positivity and personality